Adult Ministries

Serve God. Serve each other.

Adult ministries at Dunamis exist to provide Bible-based environment for believers to join together to grow in their faith and live out the mandate Jesus left for them.

Women of Purpose and Power (W.O.P.P.)

We are women called to grow in knowledge and experience with God through Jesus Christ. We are committed to support the mission Dunamis Church. As the Holy Spirit empowers us, we are mandated to help one another engage in ministry and action, and grow and respond in faith to God’s redemptive plan for the church, the society, and the world.

R.E.A.L. Men's Ministry

It is important now more than ever that men stand strong on the principles of God and on behalf of their families and communities. This is an empowerment ministry designed to train men to become leaders in their homes and beyond, while exuding the virtues of Jesus Christ.

Watchman on the Wall Intercessory Prayer

Prayer is the foundation and backbone of Dunamis Church. Watchman on the Wall is the name of our prayer team. This team is committed to stand on the wall and pray the promises, benefits, blessings and deliverances of God into the lives of His people.

Praise and Worship

Worship is one of the primary corporate acts of any local congregation. Worship also provides one our primary contacts with the world. At Dunamis we believe that worship contributes to our spiritual maturity. It reminds us of who God is and in turn reminds us of who we are in Him.

Audio Visual Ministry

This ministry produces all audio and video for the church and associated conferences. The team operates all necessary equipment for CD/DVD duplication, video production and publishing of audio messages for online consumption via our app.

First Touch Hospitality Ministry

From the parking lot to the pulpit, these people prepare the people to experience the deliverance, love, and power of God. Lending a helping hand, an encouraging embrace, or making sure that ministry is supported before and after the worship experience are vital parts of First Touch
Hospitality. Members of this ministry must be people friendly and eager to greet members, attendees, and guests upon their arrival and departure.

Family Life Ministry

Many Christians find themselves overwhelmed and exhausted from endless routines involving parenting, work, church, sports, and social activities. They are worn out and their daily lives lack both the beauty and balance of life in the Kingdom of God. At Dunamis Church we believe strong, well-balanced, happy families build strong churches. Family Life endeavors to touch all areas of the family in an effort to provide support and practical guidance in the attainment of a
balanced Christian life.

Singles Ministry

The Singles’ Ministry is comprised of energetic people who love Jesus Christ. They perform both service and social ministry to ensure that the grace to wait rests on the life of every single person in our church. This ministry provides prayer and biblical support to ensure members don’t become discontent and lonely in their singleness.

Next: New Member's Ministry

Our NEXT New Members Ministry outlines our mission, vision, values, beliefs. Additionally, participants are introduced to key areas of emphasis such as prayer, fasting, how to study the Bible, and pathways to ministry involvement.

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